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Note that we cannot control the content on sites we link to. Nor can we control whether the site we link to remains active or at the same location. If you have questions or suggestions concerning a linked site, please let us know so we can remove, modify, or add a link as appropriate.

About Links

District Clubs

District clubs provide their Website links to us for updating here. We will cheerfully accept updated Web addresses if you notify us that yours has changed.

CJSA and Refs

National and International Soccer

Nearby Indoor Soccer Facilities

Please note that we make no claims about any of these indoor soccer facilities. Please contact these facilities directly for more information about their programs, dates and availability of leagues, etc. These links are posted here as only an informational courtesy to our clubs, teams, coaches, parents, and players.

Youth Sports First Aid and Concussion Information

These are links to external Websites offering information about first aid and concussion in youth sports. These are not necessarily endorsed by the Northeast District, just a resource. We cannot control the content on these external Websites, so consider the content based on your experience and apply them and modify them to meet your needs. Contact us if you want to add or remove links from this area.