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This Website is the home page for the Northeast District of the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA). The Northeast District is the umbrella organization that arranges recreational- and competition-level leagues for about 20 independent district soccer clubs, and this site is designed to support the administration of those leagues.

NED Announcements
  • Fall 2020

    Posted September 15, 2020

    CJSA NED Scheduling Meeting Agenda, Order of Events, Notables

    There will be no scheduling meeting this fall 2020. Master schedules will be published on September 2.

    Fall Season Week #1 September 12-13, Week #8 November 7-8.

    Strict adherence to all Covid 19 CJSA Return To Play guidelines and requirements is expected by all


    Silent Sidelines is October 17-18. Strict adherence to Zero Tolerance policy is needed to RESPECT the

    referees and set behavior example. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their spectators!

    SafeSport training is MANDATORY for ALL volunteers. Background checks are initiated via Sports

    Connect volunteer registration process.

    Score reporting responsibilities remain in effect for all Division 3 and 4 games and both teams for every

    game, including postponements. This includes U10 and U9 even though standings are not kept.

    Blowout Protocol handout and review. Applies to ALL Divisions. Standings penalties can apply for

    Division 3 and 4 11- U and older.

    Sportsmanship POINTS of EMPHASIS - Publicize the Sportsmanship Attachment and Player Retention

    Philosophy from the Rules of Competition.

    Rules Changes

    There are a number of relevant rule changes in place for the fall season. NO HEADING U12 and younger

    continues. Continue to emphasize Build Out Lines for U10/U9. No red cards or penalty kicks at U9 or U10.

    FIFA Rule Changes

    ? Coin Toss - can choose either which goal to defend or to kick off

    ? Drop Ball - no longer between two opposing players; and awarded if referee contact with ball causes unfair


    ? Goal Kick - no longer needs to leave the penalty area to be in play

    ? Free Kick Wall - offensive players are no longer allowed in a wall of 3 or more defenders

    ? Penalty Kick - Goalie needs ONE foot on or above the plane of the end line until ball is kicked

    ? Substitutes - New rule requires subs to leave field from closest point. NE District will NOT enforce this.

    ? Goalie Handling - goalie can handle AFTER he/she "messes up"

    ? Card for Coaches - a referee can now show a red or yellow card to a coach. No coach means terminate match.

    ? Hand Ball - Lots of clarification regarding what constitutes handling, when falling or making body "bigger"

    also see


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