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African coaches to analyse Brazil 2014's legacy
Posted on Tuesday September 30, 2014

Herrera: New breed ready to step up
Posted on Monday September 29, 2014

Executive Committee says stop to third-party ownership of players' economic rights
Posted on Friday September 26, 2014

U.S. Youth Soccer News

2014 Soccer America Weekly College Soccer Top 25
Posted on Tuesday September 23, 2014

Posted on Monday September 22, 2014

Friendship Q&A: Relationships make titles even more enjoyable for DMCV
Posted on Monday September 15, 2014

US Youth Soccer Regional Leagues kick off 2014 fall seasons
Posted on Thursday September 11, 2014

US Youth Soccer Region I Leagues Restructured for 2014-15 Season
Posted on Wednesday September 10, 2014

Bucking Station Wagon Syndrome
Posted on Tuesday September 09, 2014

Family Q&A: Sam Mewis talks about being part of a soccer sister duo
Posted on Tuesday September 09, 2014

MLS News

Vote now for Etihad Airways MLS Player of the Month for September
Posted on Monday September 29, 2014

Commentary: Miguel Ibarra's USMNT interest offers revealing look at Jurgen Klinsmann's approach
Posted on Monday September 29, 2014

MLS Fantasy Advice: Led by Seattle, Round 29 was an explosive week for teammate combos
Posted on Monday September 29, 2014

Premier League News

Wayne’s world: Roo’s rollercoaster decade
Posted on Monday September 29, 2014

Five things we learnt from EPL R6
Posted on Monday September 29, 2014

Roo Radar: Mile head and shoulders above
Posted on Monday September 29, 2014



About This CJSA Northeast District Soccer Website


This Website is the home page for the Northeast District of the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA). The Northeast District is the umbrella organization that arranges recreational- and competition-level leagues for about 20 independent district soccer clubs, and this site is designed to support the administration of those leagues.

Parents looking for soccer club information, please see our Links page.

Columbia-Windham Tournament

The 2014 Columbia-Windham Soccer Alliance Columbus Day Soccer Tournament will be held on Saturday, October 11, and Sunday, October 12. Click for more information.

2014 Eastern Youth Day October 4

October 4 at Nevers Field.

Eastern Men's Soccer versus UMASS Boston.

  • Kick off at 1pm
  • FREE youth clinic 11am (ages 6-12)
  • FREE pizza for all participants

Email to sign up. Include name and age of child.

For more information, click here.

Fall Season Is Starting

It's that time. Fall season is here. Have a great time everyone!

Use This Website To

This Website is designed to be used by Northeast District soccer clubs (and coaches of their teams) to report competition-travel team scores and for administrative purposes, such as providing forms and rules of competition. If you are a parent looking for a club, please see our Links page. Please use our Contact Us page if you have questions.

  • Report your scores: All division 3 and 4 competition travel teams must report all their league match scores. Home teams, away teams, winning teams, losing teams, and every age group must report. See score reporting here.
  • View standings: Standings are kept for all division 3 and 4 competition travel teams from U11 to U14, inclusive. View league standings (and find match numbers) here.
  • Review the calendar: Look for important deadlines, dates, and upcoming meetings.
  • Review ongoing projects: For example
    • Coaching Committee information and questions about their mandate to define a Director of Coaching position and determine the best way to use district resources to help clubs
    • Competition Committee information and questions about rule changes
    • Review committees here.
  • Get documents and forms: Open or download district and CJSA forms, including the rules of play, which are modified to meet district goals for the good of soccer. Find documents and forms here.

Score Reporting Tips

Please read the following tips for reporting your scores:

  • Verify your match number using the schedule posted on this Website – the schedule provided at the scheduling meeting is a draft and might not be accurate for all teams
  • All comp teams (D3/D4) must report each and every league match
  • The winning, losing, home, and away teams must all report
  • A match is assigned a match number – you must use that number to report
  • Do not make up match numbers
  • A match is assigned to a specific weekend – if the match is not played by the time the assigned weekend has ended, report a postponement
  • If a match is postponed, both the teams involved must report the postponement
  • If a match is played early, just report the match using the match number
  • If a match is not played by the weekend it is scheduled, report a postponement AND report the match when it is played
  • Use the "Report Scores" link to the left to report your scores
  • Report scores by Monday 10pm following the weekend the match is scheduled on the master schedule
  • Finally: reach out to your club for help reporting scores!

Do Not Submit Late Match Reports Unless...

If the standings have been updated and the list of no-reports has been sent to clubs, do not submit your match report UNLESS neither team reported on the match in question.


If neither team reported on the match in question, the match will be listed as not reported in the standings PDF. In this case, we need a late report to know what happened to the match.


Scores that are submitted late but are not needed just add to the number of emails and slew of data, and they cause more work with no benefit. So, if your opponent reported the match and you did not before the standings were updated, then don't submit anything late, just be on time with the next report.


Listen to This Muppet: Respect

Ray Winstone starring in the English Football Association (FA) Respect campaign. For more information, see: Soccer (football) faces many of the same challenges the world over. Presented here for the good of soccer.